English Media Portrayal of COVID-19 in Hong Kong and the US: Poster

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Edited by Wong Ming Hei Tamix, Friday, 6 November 2020, 11:49 AM

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Informative and professional-looking poster! What's the take home message for your audience?

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Thank you!

How Covid-19 gets described by the news has a lot to do with its relevance to a new outlet's audience (as determined by the news outlet) and the outlet's political concerns, perhaps more so than the disease's health effects as we know (e.g. we know that the virus can be very deadly by the time Wuhan has entered a lockdown). And this can make it hard for someone reading the news to make decisions related to the pandemic because, for example, people might think this virus is not so serious if the news they read uses few killer metaphors like "deadly coronavirus".