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“Deadly Silence”: A Poem: Video and Poem

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Edited by Wong Ming Hei Tamix, Friday, 6 November 2020, 11:43 AM

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Very haunting poem with effective use of visuals. Well executed and delivered!

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This is wonderful, Beverly! I really like your poem and the video (Initially I was wondering why you have used the tea-making backdrop but I totally get it now). The process of making tea is very symbolic of the gradual process of the growing silence or resistance taking place in the persona, eventually leading to the addressee's death.  

What I appreciate about the poem is that you have taken readers along the journey of the persona, from finding refuge in silence to the realization of voicing out her long-repressed silence and pent-up frustration via "A few drops of poison". It is quite creepy at the end but I think the last few lines culminating with "my silence has spoken" are absolutely powerful. You have taken silence to another level on the whole.